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Short Wins - Day After St. Patrick's Day Edition

It's a good week for violent crime in the federal circuits - a robbery case from the First Circuit and an assault in Indian country winding up in the Ninth Circuit. And both resulted in a defendant-friendly remand. Go federal...more

3/18/2013 - Burglary Self-Authentication Sentencing Enhancements Sex Offender Registry Sex Offenders SORNA Tribal Governments

If You Transfer Someone's Personal Identity Information, You Don't Necessarily Use It, And They Aren't A Victim Of Your Identity...

Erica Hall was an office assistant at an OB/GYN office in Coral Springs, Florida. The job may not have paid well, because Ms. Hall was trying to make some extra cash on the side by selling patient information to some folks...more

3/15/2013 - Conspiracies Data Protection Identity Theft Personally Identifiable Information Sentencing Enhancements

Short Wins - Slow News Day Edition

Only one win last week - on a technical issue of what counts as a crime of violence, statutory rape, and sentencing law. Pity....more

3/12/2013 - Sentencing Enhancements Statutory Rape

Short Wins - It's A Relatively Good Week For The Constitution

It's a good week in the federal circuits for folks accused of a crime. Instead of the all-too-common diet of sentencing remands, there are some nice wins on our rights against unreasonable searches and seizures and...more

3/5/2013 - Child Pornography Evidence Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Restitution Search & Seizure Sentencing Enhancements

When Counting Bribes For Sentencing Guidelines Purposes, You Only Count The Ones That Actually Happened

Michael Roussel used to be a Captain in the New Orleans Police Department. As you might expect, he was convicted of bribery....more

3/5/2013 - Bribery Federal Sentencing Guidelines Police Misconduct Sentencing Enhancements

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