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Disclosure and Resale Condominiums

As discussed in an earlier blog, Introduction to Condominiums, there are many reasons for buying a condominium ("condo") instead of a house. Condo owners enjoy many of the benefits of home ownership, including individual...more

7/7/2014 - Condominium Act Condominiums Disclosure Requirements Purchase Agreement

Statutory Protections and Negotiated Protections for Condominium Unit Buyers

With more and more condominiums being purchased each year, it is important for potential purchasers to consider the protections available to them. In addition to the protections set out in the agreement of purchase and sale...more

11/18/2013 - Condominium Act Condominium Rules Condominiums

Pets in Condominiums

While many condominium corporations allow pets in the condominium, pet owners who fail to familiarize themselves with the condominium’s restrictions on pets, or who blatantly ignore these restrictions, do so at the risk of...more

2/1/2013 - Condominium Act Condominiums Homeowners' Association Pets

Introduction to Condominiums

Condominiums have become increasingly popular in recent years among all age groups, including younger first time buyers and empty nesters. A condominium is actually a legal definition that refers to a method of ownership, not...more

2/1/2013 - Buyers Common Elements Condominium Act Condominiums Jointly-Owned Property

Section 98 Agreements

When the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) was under development, one of the many issues the government was asked to address by condominium corporations and unit owners alike was the general prohibition of changes to the...more

2/1/2013 - Common Elements Condominium Act Condominium Corporation Maintenance Property Improvements Section 98 Agreements

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