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Buying a house from a non-human entity or the dead

The tale behind a real estate transaction usually follows the same pattern: a potential buyer approaches a seller after viewing the advertised property, negotiations commence and the parties arrive at a meeting of the minds...more

12/16/2013 - Canada Estate Planning Property Ownership Purchase Agreement Real Estate Market Transfer of Title Trustees

Dad, it's time.....time to write a Will

For 15 years, my Dad has been building and rebuilding his home. Awake every day at 4 am, he sits in his garage, listens to the radio, drinks his coffee, and sets the day’s agenda. By 6 am, my Dad is busy hammering, sawing,...more

10/4/2013 - Beneficiaries Debt Estate Planning Intestate Succession Trustees

Cottage Properties & Estate Planning

The family cottage has become one of the most contentious assets in estate planning and litigation, probably as a result of the emotional bonds that are attached to it. Commonly, cottage owners wish to ensure that the cottage...more

2/26/2013 - Capital Gains Cottage Properties Estate Planning Heirs Shared-Ownership Agreements Successor Interests Trusts

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