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The Principles underlying the Partition Act

The Partition Act allows any person who has an interest in land situated in Ontario to bring an action or application to the court to have that land partitioned or sold under the courts direction. ...more

10/22/2013 - Canada Land Titles Partition Act Petition for Partition

Introduction to Severing Land

A land severance is the authorized separation of a portion of an existing parcel or lot of land to form a new lot or parcel of land. In most circumstances, the consent of the municipality in which the land lies will be...more

8/13/2013 - Consent Land Titles Municipalities Severance Agreements

Ways to Take Title

There are a number of options to take title in land in Ontario. The following is a list of the most common ways that homeowners will choose to register ownership in their residential property....more

7/15/2013 - Canada Land Titles Property Owners Tenants

Title Insurance Overview

When you purchase real estate, it is crucial that you obtain a property with clear ownership or “good title.” You obtain title to property when the owner signs the deed (transfer document) over to you. Title is then...more

1/22/2013 - Land Titles Property Owners Purchasers Title Insurance

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