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Proceed with Caution When Foreclosing in Washington State: Split Decisions Regarding Deficiency Claims

Last week, the Washington Court of Appeals, Division One, ruled that, notwithstanding the anti-deficiency provision in the state's Deeds of Trust Act, a lender can pursue a deficiency judgment against a guarantor following a...more

2/27/2014 - Anti-Deficiency Provisions Foreclosure Mortgages

Glaski Decision Appears to Place Lenders on Notice to Verify Accuracy and Effectiveness of Loan Assignments

The recent decision in Glaski v. Bank of America, National Association, et al., 160 Cal. Rptr. 3d 449 (2013), may, at least in certain circumstances, impact the ability of residential mortgage-backed security and commercial...more

9/10/2013 - Assignments Bank of America Lenders Mortgage-Backed Securities Mortgages Notice Requirements Servicing Agreements

Nevada Ruling Suggests Lenders Wait Until Foreclosure Before Pursuing Guarantor Claim

In a recent case, the Supreme Court of Nevada agreed that a lender needed to wait until the completion of a foreclosure sale before making a deficiency claim against a guarantor. In Ken L. Templeton Family Trust, et al. v....more

2/27/2013 - Anti-Deficiency Provisions Borrowers Foreclosure Guarantors Lenders Summary Judgment Writ of Mandamus

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