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The GM Recall: A Personal Loss

Recently announced vehicle recalls by General Motors (GM) are provoking a firestorm of response from consumers, regulatory agencies and the U.S. Justice Department. For one Wisconsin family, the storm began in 2006. ...more

5/16/2014 - Automobile Recall Bodily Injury Car Accident DOJ General Motors NHTSA

Hope for Victims of Hit-And-Run Accidents

A 14-year-old girl was struck by a hit-and-run driver before being hit by two other cars on February 6, 2014. The ninth grader was crossing Hempstead Turnpike when the driver of a passenger vehicle crashed into her, throwing...more

4/3/2014 - Car Accident Hit-and-Run

Toyota Settles Sudden Acceleration Case After Guilty Verdict

In 2007, Jean Bookout was at the wheel of her 2005 Camry with her friend Barbara Schwartz. The friends exited an Oklahoma highway before Ms. Bookout discovered she could not stop her car. The vehicle sped through an...more

1/27/2014 - Car Accident Design Defects Manufacturing Defects Toyota

Is an Auto Dashboard Camera Craze Coming?

When a meteor exploded over a Russian town in February, the heavenly body became an international superstar (no pun intended) thanks to a myriad of Internet videos, mostly posted by motorists whose dashboard cameras captured...more

4/5/2013 - Cameras Car Accident Dashboard

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Everyone, it seems, is plugged into a cell phone or tablet, texting, talking and surfing the web. But when misused, the convenience of ubiquitous communication can quickly become a menace, particularly if a driver decides to...more

3/7/2013 - Car Accident Distracted Driving Mobile Devices Texting

Can We Decrease Distracted Driving Accidents?

After decades of public education and strict legal penalties, the United States is finally seeing a reduction in the number of drunken driving accidents and fatalities. Unfortunately, injuries and deaths resulting from...more

1/28/2013 - Car Accident Distracted Driving

What is NY Doing to Help Prevent Auto Accidents?

The more drivers know about defensive driving, the better they can avoid accidents on busy New York roads. This is why the state requires some drivers to go to driving school when they have too many infractions on their...more

12/28/2012 - Auto Insurance Car Accident Driving Records

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit if I Share Liability for an Auto Accident?

Many collisions clearly point to negligence on the part of one driver. But, particularly in the confusion of heavy city traffic, multiple drivers can play a role in causing an auto accident. If you share a greater degree of...more

12/27/2012 - Car Accident Contributory Negligence

What is the Primary Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents in NY?

The majority of car accidents involve driver errors, with speeding topping the list of primary causes. And while many people understand that driving at extremely high speeds can lead to disastrous accidents, they do not...more

12/26/2012 - Car Accident

Smart Phone Technology Can Make a Difference after an Auto Accident

Although smart phone distractions can lead to collisions on the road, intelligent use of this technology can make a difference for anyone involved in an accident. Many people use their phones to capture photos at the accident...more

12/14/2012 - Car Accident Mobile Apps

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