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Construction Accidents: More than Workers Comp

Trapped over three hours in mud the consistency of quicksand, a New York construction worker had begun to lose feeling in his legs after falling 15 feet into a trench. The mud, intensified by falling rain in June of this...more

9/24/2013 - Construction Accidents Employer Liability Issues Safety Precautions Workplace Injury

Natural Gas Grows in Popularity — the Danger Stays the Same

Natural gas has become a common fuel for heat and other household uses throughout the United States. With this demand requires extraction, distribution and a lot of hard labor. Workers in the natural gas industry can face a...more

3/11/2013 - Natural Gas Safety Precautions Workplace Injury

Reasons to Make a Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation claims aren’t always about firefighters injured on the job or a construction worker maimed by a collapsing trench. The accidents and injuries that can fuel a workers compensation claim can be much less...more

2/20/2013 - Workplace Injury

Five Common Workplace Injuries

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately three million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2011 � representing 3.5 percent of all workers. Some industries, such as mining or logging, have a greater...more

1/18/2013 - Bureau of Labor Statistics Workplace Injury

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