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Forced Sex During Marriage Warrants PFA Order, Court Rules

In Pennsylvania, the Protection From Abuse Act exists to prevent and protect individuals from abuse. The Protection From Abuse Act is commonly referred to as the PFA Act. Orders obtained under the PFA Act are regularly...more

3/17/2014 - Domestic Violence Marriage Sexual Assault

Monthly Disability Payments Not Considered Marital Property

In 2011, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided the case of Focht v. Focht, 32 A.3d 668 (Pa. 2011), which resolved prior conflicting case law on the issue of whether an award or settlement proceeds from a personal injury...more

1/17/2014 - Community Property Disability Benefits Divorce Marital Assets

Doctrine of Paternity by Estoppel and Child Custody

The doctrine of paternity by estoppel is most often applied in child support cases to either preclude a man who has held the child out as his own from avoiding support of the child after his relationship with the child's...more

12/13/2013 - Child Custody Child Support Divorce Estoppel Paternity

Highlighting the Revisions to the Child Custody Rules

In January 2011, the new custody act became effective and changed the landscape of child custody in Pennsylvania. However, the Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to child custody tracked the custody statutes previously in...more

10/10/2013 - Child Custody Guardian Ad Litem Guardians

Child Relocation Decisions to Be Explained Near Time of Ruling

The evolution of the courts’ application of the new child custody statute continues at a consistent pace. A recurring issue that has been addressed by the Pennsylvania Superior Court pertains to the requirement of the trial...more

8/21/2013 - Child Custody Relocation

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