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Patent Trolls Play On

The gathering storm of potential legislation against Patent Assertion Entities, otherwise known as patent trolls, has been well reported, but what are the trolls doing in response? ...more

7/22/2013 - Patent Assertion Entities Patent Trolls Patents

A Troll Backs Off

The constant drum beat of bad news for patent trolls appears to be having an effect – one of the most notorious trolls is now backing off. ...more

7/17/2013 - MPHS Technology Investments Patent Litigation Patent Trolls Patents

Can Judges Prevent Abusive Patent Troll Litigation?

During the past several weeks public servants of all stripes have jumped into the fray with ideas on how to solve the problem of abusive patent troll litigation....more

6/27/2013 - Frivolous Lawsuits Patent Patent Trolls Rule 11 Sanctions

Federal Circuit Decision Helps Troll Defendants Reduce Cost Of Litigation

While the attention of most of the patent litigation world has been focused on Supreme Court decisions on the patentability of human gene sequences and the viability of antitrust claims based on settlement of Hatch Waxman...more

6/25/2013 - Damages Liability Patent Infringement Patent Trolls Patents Willful Infringement

The Obama Administration Hops On The Anti-Troll Bandwagon

On June 4, the Obama administration issued a press release announcing several legislative and executive initiatives aimed at reducing abusive litigation by Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), otherwise known as patent “trolls.”...more

6/7/2013 - Barack Obama ITC Non-Practicing Entities Patent Reform Patent Trolls Patents USPTO

Is The Sun About To Set On False Marking Trolls?

In response to a Federal Circuit ruling that raised the specter of enormous fines based on products marked with expired patents, a cottage industry has arisen to take advantage of this potential windfall. ...more

4/11/2011 - False Marking Patent Trolls Patents Qui Tam

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