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Who Will Care For Your Children If Something Unexpected Happens To You?

Parents, if you do not want someone else deciding who will care for your minor and/or disabled children if something unexpectedly happens to you, it is crucial that you execute a Will designating a guardian for your children....more

12/16/2013 - Estate Planning

Don't Make the Grave Mistake: Avoid Making Duplicative Payments for Final Services!

Have you ever considered paying in advance for your funeral/burial expenses to save your loved ones the financial burden? If your finances allow you to do so, pre-paying for funeral/burial services is an efficient and...more

8/14/2013 - Estate Tax Funerals Payment Plans

Afterlife Identity Protection: Who to Notify When a Loved One Passes

When a loved one passes away, a crucial step in minimizing the risk of identity left is to notify the proper entities, such as government and credit reporting agencies, banks, and creditors of your loved one's death....more

7/25/2013 - Estate Planning Funerals Identity Fraud Identity Theft

Transfer of Small Estates without Probate in Arizona

Effective September 2013, small estates in Arizona will see an increase in the value of assets that may be transferred without requiring a probate of the decedent's estate....more

7/9/2013 - Decedent Protection Estate Planning Heirs Probate Value Appreciation

Thieves Pursuing Identities of the Deceased: Estate Plan Now!

Identity theft not only violates its victim's privacy rights, but often presents overwhelming challenges which can take years to repair the damage inflicted on one's credit and financial records. To add pain to misery, today...more

7/5/2013 - Estate Planning Identity Theft

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