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3 Cases That Significantly Impact Alimony Law

Hi there, As promised, here is an in-depth explanation of the new decisions from the Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”) on the Alimony Reform Act, by my talented and knowledgeable partner, Robin Lynch Nardone....more

2/4/2015 - Alimony Divorce

Breaking News on Alimony Law!

The Supreme Judicial Court has just rendered its decision on the modification of judgements on alimony for cases that predate the Alimony Reform Act. Decisions on three cases, Chin v. Merriot (SJC 11715), Rodman v. Rodman...more

2/2/2015 - Alimony Divorce

Holidays with a Narcissist

Hi there, ‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and it’s my belief that narcissists are overly prevalent at parties. They provide a great opportunity for a narcissist to show off and shine. Behind the scenes,...more

12/10/2014 - Divorce

Ha! Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Hi there, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday. Even though Christmas décor has been up for weeks, I’m just beginning to coordinate Christmas shopping for my grandkids with their...more

12/1/2014 - Holidays Internet Retailers Mobile Apps Retailers

Updates on Alimony Law

Hi there, I have a few updates on what is happening in three cases that are testing the limits of the Alimony Reform Act....more

11/11/2014 - Alimony Divorce

First SJC Clarification of the New Alimony Reform Act

With the coming of spring comes a fresh interpretation of some relatively new legislation that has been closely watched by attorneys around Massachusetts. Any new law will require interpretation by the courts, going up...more

4/16/2014 - Alimony Divorce

Update on the Mass. Bill Re: Divorce and Dating

Well, here’s the explanation for all the coverage, mine included, of that loony bill out of Wrentham, MA that would require permission from a judge for a divorcing spouse to have sex with a new partner in their home...more

3/27/2014 - Divorce

Divorcing and Dating: New Mass. Bill Could Kill the Mood

Hi there, The Twitterverse, (one of my favorite time wasters) and the news media in Massachusetts were a buzz yesterday as word spread that a State Senator filed on behalf of one of his constituents a bill that would...more

3/26/2014 - Divorce

College Costs for Divorcing and Divorced Spouses

As attorneys, we frequently get text messages and emails referring us to sensational stories related to our practice area. Last week was no exception, as our inboxes were flooded with links to various articles concerning the...more

3/18/2014 - Divorce

Imputed Income and Health Insurance in Divorce Settlements, Part 2

With most Massachusetts health insurance plans, provided he/she has not yet remarried, an employee with at least one dependent child can add a former spouse to the coverage for no additional cost, so there is no additional...more

3/10/2014 - Divorce Health Insurance Exchanges Healthcare Premiums

Who Knows Best? When Parental Authority is Revoked

Can you imagine bringing your child to an esteemed children’s hospital for care and medical treatment, only to have your child taken away from you and placed into state custody? Well, that was and is the reality of Justina...more

3/5/2014 - Child Custody Parental Rights

Another Tax Trap: Imputed Income in Divorce Settlements, Part 1

April 15th is creeping up on us. I find doing my taxes while its snowing, AGAIN, a real insult. This week and next week’s post were written by my terrific colleagues, Ron Barriere and Jen Green. They highlight a tricky...more

3/3/2014 - Deadlines Divorce Healthcare Income Taxes IRS

Social Data and Divorce: What is Your Data Predicting?

This time of year there are always articles making their way around the internet about relationships and marriages. Facebook keeps all kinds of statistics and can tell from posts where folks are in their relationships....more


Deciding to Divorce: It’s OK to Get Cold Feet

Some of the heaviest divorce filing times of the year are February (after Valentine’s Day) and March. I see a lot of new clients but also quite a few clients who I had met with before, but weren’t ready to move forward with...more

2/12/2014 - Alimony Divorce Valentine's Day

A Dramatic Few Weeks!

I’ve been out of the office for a three-week period due to scheduled vacation plus the unexpected illness of a family member. I am really looking forward to getting back to work! Keeping in touch over the Internet can only go...more

1/20/2014 - Divorce Reality Shows

New Year’s Resolution: Divorce?

I believe that the above title rings true for lots of folks since we tend to evaluate our lives around New Year’s Day. And if your marriage is bad, divorce is a reasonable resolution....more

1/2/2014 - Divorce

Christmas and Winter Vacation — Have You Made Plans?

This is the time of year when newly separated parents have to figure out how to handle time with the kids during Christmas and winter vacation. Even if this isn’t your first Christmas as a divorced family, there are still...more

12/6/2013 - Divorce Holidays

Ten Years After Goodridge, Gay Marriage is Here to Stay

Until I got online last night I hadn’t realized that we are ten years out from the Goodridge decision. I can still remember where I was when I read it back in 2003, and it was the only time I had ever cried (I was so moved by...more

11/20/2013 - Marriage Same-Sex Marriage

In Divorce, Compromise is NOT a Dirty Word

While listening to the recent doom and gloom about the government shutdown, I was incredibly annoyed by the perception that everyone in elected office in Washington should have been forced to compromise by their own common...more

10/29/2013 - Divorce

The Over 60 Remarriage Penalties

With all the government kerfuffle in the news lately I have been thinking about how government programs and regulations affect family choices. Health insurance and Social Security are two of the ways the choice to remarry, or...more

10/22/2013 - Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marriage Social Security

Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I hadn’t, although as a survivor I do know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am pretty conscious of how public the Internet is and how...more

10/8/2013 - Cybersecurity Data Protection

Parental Alienation: Part 2

Parental alienation in the divorce process may be an unavoidable fact of life. Bad situations can make good people behave in destructive ways, and, of course, not everyone pursuing divorce is a good person....more

10/1/2013 - Child Custody Divorce

Parental Alienation: Part 1

Nomenclature doesn’t change facts, and whether you call a set of toxic behaviors ”parental alienation” or “marginalizing a parent” doesn’t change the inherent tragedy. In a high conflict divorce case, parents can align the...more

9/19/2013 - Child Custody Divorce

Tax Issues When Dividing Marital Property Pursuant to a Divorce: Part 2

This week my very smart colleague Jen Green is back with Part 2 in her series of important tax issues that need to be considered when dividing marital property during a divorce. ...more

9/10/2013 - Asset Valuations Divorce Equitable Division Marital Assets

Revenue Ruling 2013-17: IRS Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages for Tax Purposes

The IRS has issued a notice extending Revenue Ruling 58-66 to same-sex marriages. In Revenue Ruling 58-66, the IRS stated that a couple would be treated as married for purposes of Federal income tax filing if the couple...more

9/2/2013 - Federal Taxes Income Taxes Same-Sex Marriage

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