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Decision Alert: Supreme Court Holds Class Action Waiver in Arbitration Agreement is Enforceable

In a 5-3 ruling in American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurant (“Amex”), 570 U.S. ___ (2013), the Supreme Court reversed the Second Circuit and held that an arbitration provision that barred class actions was...more

6/26/2013 - American Express American Express v Italian Colors Restaurant Antitrust Litigation Class Action Arbitration Waivers FLSA SCOTUS

Updates from the Second Circuit and Supreme Court About Arbitration Provisions and Potential Impact on Employers

Last week, the Second Circuit weighed in again on the enforceability of an arbitration provision in Parisi v. Goldman, Sachs & Co., No. 11-5229-cv (2d Cir. Mar. 21, 2013). The provision at issue required employees to pursue...more

4/3/2013 - American Express Arbitration Arbitration Agreements Class Action Class Action Arbitration Waivers Discrimination Federal Arbitration Act Gender Discrimination Goldman Sachs Pattern or Practice SCOTUS Title VII Vindication of Statutory Rights Doctrine

New Year Brings New FCRA Forms for Employers and Possibly Additional Notification Requirements

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the primary enforcer of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rang in the new year by issuing new forms for users of consumer reports. Copies of the forms that went into effect...more

2/7/2013 - Background Checks CFPB Consumer Reports Criminal Background Checks EEOC FCRA Pay Equality Notices Wage Theft Prevention Act Written Consent

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