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Crazy Statistics: Protect Your Company From The 234 Million Dollar Beast with Discrimination and Harassment Training

Do you want to hear some CRAZY numbers? Of course you do, because just like me, you read about harassment and discrimination settlements for fun. (We are weird people, and probably need to take up a different hobby, but I...more

8/19/2014 - Best Management Practices Class Action Discrimination EEOC Employer Liability Issues Enforcement Actions Harassment Hiring & Firing Settlement Strategic Enforcement Plan Training

Do Recent Events Impact Your Discrimination and Harassment Training?

You’ve probably already heard about President Obama’s executive order banning anti-LGBT workplace discrimination. The question is, how will it impact you and your organization? Have you heard that the EEOC recently...more

8/12/2014 - ADA ADEA Barack Obama Discrimination EEOC Employer Liability Issues Enforcement Guidance Executive Orders Federal Contractors GINA LGBT PDA Pregnancy Discrimination Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Think Beyond Social Media Training: There’s More than One Way to Manage Social Media Risk

I have to admit that since I’ve thrown myself into the deep end of the compliance field, I may have gotten a bit narrow-minded, especially when it comes social media. When social media came up in my MBA Information Technology...more

7/25/2014 - Best Management Practices Cybersecurity Employee Rights Employer Liability Issues Policies and Procedures Risk Assessment Risk Management Social Networks Training

GM, Whistleblower Hotline Providers, Retaliation, and Why I Didn’t Buy a Chevy

One of the advantages of working for one of the premiere whistleblower hotline providers is that I stay up to date on notable GRC happenings. In my past life, I didn’t even really understand what a whistleblower was, much...more

7/16/2014 - General Motors Hotlines Retaliation Whistleblowers

3 Reasons Why Tech Startups Struggle with Discrimination and Harassment Training (And 5 Effortless Ways to Protect Your Startup)

I get it – snooze-worthy, old-fashioned harassment and discrimination training isn’t in line with the vibe you’re trying to create at your hip tech startup. You want to be laid back, cut out all the corporate bull$&^*, build...more

7/15/2014 - Corporate Culture Discrimination Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Harassment Millennials Popular Square Startups Tinder Training

Hot Compliance Training Trends and Best Practices for Engaging Millennials: Gamification, Animation, and More!

It’s not like you don’t have enough to do – it’s like you’ve suddenly become the Chief of Education in addition to the Chief Compliance Officer. You’re expected to be up to date on all the latest trends in adult education....more

6/30/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Employer Liability Issues Ethics Gamification Training

The World Cup: Social Media Training Separates the Winners from the Losers

Did you know that the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world? Marketers have been hearing that this World Cup will be “the most social sporting event in history,” and preparing accordingly. (I personally...more

6/23/2014 - Compliance Social Media Training

The Terrifying Reason Why Today’s Harassment and Discrimination Training Isn’t Enough

Nobody wants to think of their workplace as unsafe. As an employer, you have a vested interest in keeping your employees (not to mention yourself) as well as your company safe. Harassment and discrimination training is...more

6/20/2014 - Best Management Practices Discrimination Employer Liability Issues Harassment Retaliation Training Workplace Hazards Workplace Violence

The “Coffee and Naps” School of Business Ethics Training: Part 3

There are a number of pieces that come together to make an end-to-end business ethics training system. The emphasis in that sentence was on system – a successful ethics program isn’t just a one-time event. Let’s look at the...more

6/9/2014 - 3M Company Best Buy Best Management Practices Bring Your Own Device Corporate Counsel Corporate Culture Dell Employment Policies Ethics Google Training Yahoo!

Sexual Harassment Training: Applications in Life Outside of Work

If you’ve been following the tragedy in Santa Barbara, you’re likely already aware of the #YesAllWomen movement that’s been launched on Twitter. The stories are just heartbreaking. If you’ve missed the story, Elliott Rodger...more

6/5/2014 - Compliance Sexual Harassment Training

The “Coffee and Naps” School of Business Ethics Training: Part 2

In Part One of this series, we discussed how to complete an ethics audit and culture snapshot. Today we’re going to explore the importance of your relationship with your CEO (or Chief Culture Officer) in building an ethical...more

6/2/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Corporate Culture Ethics Training

Sexual Harassment Training and the Importance of Subtlety

“So what do you do? Where do you work?” These are questions that you’ll inevitably hear some variation of at any networking event. This week I attended the Digital Summit in Atlanta, a conference for digital marketers of all...more

5/28/2014 - Harassment Sexual Harassment Training

The “Coffee and Naps” School of Business Ethics Training: Part One

I ran across this article and immediately knew I needed to share it with you. In “Coffee, naps and ethical work behavior,” Rex Huppke shares some surprising research about the often-overlooked cultural side of business...more

5/20/2014 - Best Management Practices Corporate Culture Employment Policies Ethics Training

How to Make Sure Your Sexual Harassment Training Program Isn’t a Miserable Disaster

Sexual harassment training doesn’t have the best reputation in the workplace. If you’ve ever seen The Office, I think they do an excellent job of demonstrating how harassment and discrimination training can go horribly wrong....more

5/14/2014 - Employer Liability Issues Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training is Just One Component of Protecting Your Business: Remember CONSENT

If the EEOC called you today and said they were coming over to investigate how you handle complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence, how would you feel? Is sweat beading on your brow just thinking about it?...more

5/9/2014 - Colleges DOE EEOC Employer Liability Issues Employer Mandates Government Investigations Obama Administration Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Universities Workplace Investigations

5 Elements You Should Look for in an Effective Harassment and Discrimination Training Program

Do your employees know your policies? Are you absolutely sure they understand how they can treat – and how they cannot treat – their fellow employees? Well according to some new research, it’s more critical than ever that you...more

5/2/2014 - Anti-Discrimination Policies Anti-Harassment Policies EEOC Employer Liability Issues Employer Mandates Employment Policies Training

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