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New York Court Rules That Florida's Non-Compete Law Is "Truly Obnoxious"

A New York appellate court has ruled that Florida law on non-compete agreements is "truly obnoxious" to New York public policy and cannot be applied against a New York employee of a Florida-based company....more

2/13/2014 - Non-Compete Agreements Restrictive Covenants

Independent Contractor And Former Employee May Be Bound By Non-Compete Agreement, Florida Court Rules

Section 542.335 is the Florida statute that governs non-compete agreements. As most practitioners know, the statute is not limited to employment relationships. Thus, it is not uncommon for businesses and independent...more

12/14/2012 - Independent Contractors Non-Compete Agreements

Horse Doctors Make House Calls: A Lesson In Why Boilerplate Non-Compete Agreements May Not Hold Up In Court

Non-compete agreements need to actually prohibit the competitive activities at which they are aimed. Thus, they must reflect the reality of the businesses for which they are drafted. ...more

4/2/2012 - Non-Compete Agreements

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