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The Mis-“Conception” Of Being An Inventor

Scientists often confuse “authorship” in a manuscript with “inventorship” in a patent application or a patent. More often than not, scientists will list everyone involved with an invention or a manuscript describing the...more

11/13/2014 - Inventors Patent Applications Patents

Is Dolly the Sheep Dead Again?

The exceptions to patent eligibility under 35 USC 101 always fell into three distinct categories: laws of nature, abstract ideas, and natural phenomena. In deciding a case about whether claims of farm animals may be...more

5/22/2014 - Appeals DNA Myriad Patent Trial and Appeal Board Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Patents Roslin Section 101 USPTO

The Global Patent Prosecution Highway – Global Protection on a Budget

Patent prosecution can be a slow and expensive process. A business or an applicant may wish to accelerate the process of procuring a patent for a number of reasons including, engaging in enforcement activity and reducing...more

2/28/2014 - Patent Litigation Patent Prosecution Highway Patents

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