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Rogers Towers: What can Twinkies and Beer Teach Investors about Purchasing the Assets of an Insolvent Corporation?

When Hostess announced last November that it would be shutting the doors to its factories, spooked by the news and likely addled by decades of cream filling, hoarders of Ho-Ho’s scurried to buy every brand name snack cake...more

5/9/2013 - 363 Sales Asset Purchaser Hostess Insolvency

Rogers Towers: Forward Contracts for Commodities not Avoidable as Preferential Transfers

Because debtors may avoid certain transfers and contracts entered into during the ninety days before they filed their bankruptcy petition, trade creditors are understandably nervous about entering into contracts with...more

2/12/2013 - Broker-Dealer Commodities Forward Contracts Insolvency Safe Harbors Securities

Rogers Towers: The Extraordinary Remedy of Discharging Third Party Liability in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Recently the Fifth Circuit handed down a thorough opinion regarding Chapter 15 cross-border insolvency and its effects on domestic and foreign creditors. Beyond the Chapter 15 context, however, the court of appeals in In re...more

12/21/2012 - Chapter 15 Cross-Border Debtor-Creditor Insolvency Third-Party

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