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Jim Brown's Right Of Publicity Claim Revived By Keller Victory On Appeal

A Ninth Circuit panel decision issued on July 31, 2013, has revived NFL legend Jim Brown's state law right of publicity claims against video game maker Electronic Arts, Inc. ("EA"). Back in March 2009, Brown filed an action...more

8/6/2013 - Electronic Arts Entertainment Industry First Amendment Football Lanham Act NFL Right of Publicity Sports Video Games

Policing the Internet for Copyright Infringement: An Owner's Burden

Courts considering the perplexing copyright questions created by the Internet have been remarkably consistent in one area. A large body of case law provides significant protections to online service providers and places...more

3/27/2013 - Content Aggregators Copyright DMCA Infringement Internet Service Providers Safe Harbors Veoh

Court Tackles Copyright Issue of "Throwback" NFL Uniforms in Video Games

Many video game creators go to great lengths to ensure that their games are highly realistic. Weapons, sound effects, uniforms, athletic abilities, locations, logos and other details are often copied from the real world and...more

11/28/2012 - Copyright Fair Use Video Games

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