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District Court Declines to Hear Early Motion for Summary Judgment on Section 101 and Postpones Hearing until Claim Construction

In the pending patent infringement action between Netflix and Rovi, Netflix filed a motion for summary judgment, seeking a ruling that Rovi's patents are invalid under 35 U.S.C. ยง 101. After the motion was filed, the district...more

1/7/2015 - Claim Construction Motion for Summary Judgment Netflix Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents Section 101

Plaintiff Loses Motion for Summary Judgment after District Court Concludes that Dispute over Person of Ordinary Skill in the Art...

The plaintiff, MyMedicalRecords ("MMR"), owns U.S. Patent No. 8,498,883 (the '883 Patent) entitled "Method for Providing a User with a Service for Accessing and Collecting Prescriptions." MMR asserted claims 1-3 of the '883...more

1/5/2015 - Claim Construction Patent Litigation Patents WebMD

Motion to Reconsider Claim Construction Order on Indefiniteness after Nautilus Denied Where District Court Found Term Definite

Defendant Stealth Cam, LLC ("Stealth Cam") requested that the district court reconsider its Claim Construction Order holding that the term "extending parallel" was not indefinite. The district court first noted that...more

11/24/2014 - Claim Construction Indefiniteness Motion To Reconsider Nautilus Inc. v. Biosig Instruments Patent Litigation Patents

Supreme Court's Decision on Indefiniteness Constitutes Basis to Reconsider Prior Claim Construction Order But Does Not Result in...

In this patent infringement action, Defendant Lighthouse Photonics Corporation's ("Lighthouse") moved to reconsider the Court's Claim Construction Order. Lighthouse argued three reasons for reconsideration: "first, Newport...more

8/6/2014 - Claim Construction Indefiniteness Nautilus Inc. v. Biosig Instruments Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents SCOTUS

Court Denies Motion to Compel Plaintiff's Expert Testimony Prior to Claim Construction

Plaintiff Glas-Weld Systems, Inc., filed a patent infringement and unfair competition action against defendants Michael P. Boyle, dba Surface Dynamix, and Christopher Boyle. Plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment and to...more

7/7/2014 - Claim Construction Expert Testimony Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents

Potential Inventor Declarations Excluded for Claim Construction Where Specific Inventors and Their Proposed Testimony Were Not...

In this patent infringement action, a dispute arose over whether the defendant B/E Aerospace could rely on declarations from one or more of the inventors of the asserted patent in support of its claim construction position....more

6/13/2014 - Claim Construction Inventors Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents

FlatWorld v. Apple: Motion to Vacate Claim Construction Denied Even after Parties Reach Settlement

After the district court issued a Markman ruling, the parties informed the court that they had reached an agreement in principle to settle the action. The plaintiff, FlatWorld, then moved to vacate the claim construction...more

6/12/2014 - Apple Claim Construction Motion to Vacate Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents Settlement

Potter Voice v. Microsoft: Microsoft's Request to Exclude Expert Declaration for Claim Construction Denied Where Microsoft's...

In this patent infringement action, Potter Voice submitted an expert declaration of David Klausner for the purpose of claim construction. Microsoft moved to exclude the declaration under Fed.R.Evid. 702....more

4/4/2014 - Claim Construction Exclusions Microsoft Patent Litigation Patents

District Court Declines to Vacate Claim Construction Order After Settlement Agreement

After Single Touch Interactive, Inc. ("Single Touch") and Zoove Corporation ("Zoove") reached a settlement in their patent infringement action, both parties filed a stipulated motion to vacate the district court's previous...more

12/10/2013 - Claim Construction Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patents Settlement

Summary Judgment Granted Where District Court Determined Patent Was Not Infringed Because Not All of Infringing Steps of Method...

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ("ADP") filed a declaratory judgment action against Wellogix, Inc., and Wellogix Technology Licensing LLC ("Wellogix") for a determination that ADP does not infringe a Wellogix method patent on...more

11/27/2013 - Canada Claim Construction Covered Business Method Patents Infringement Patents Summary Judgment

WiLAN v. Alcatel-Lucent: Parties Agree to Dismiss Dispute and Vacate Claim Construction Order But District Court Declines to...

WiLAN USA, Inc. ("Wi-LAN") filed a patent infringement action against Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. ("Alcatel-Lucent"). After a lengthy claim construction order, the parties filed a joint motion to vacate the claim construction...more

10/3/2013 - Claim Construction Infringement Motion to Vacate Patents

Motion to Amend Infringement Contentions Denied Where Plaintiff Waited Too Long After Claim Construction Ruling

Plaintiff Power Integrations, Inc. ("Power Integrations" or "PI") filed a patent infringement action against Defendants Fairchild Semiconductor Int'l, Inc., Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. (collectively, "Fairchild") and System...more

9/6/2013 - Claim Construction Infringement Motion to Amend Summary Judgment Waivers

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