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Five Ways to Become a Reporter’s Expert Source

Lawyers often ask how they can get quoted in news stories, or be quoted more often. They intrinsically understand the value of being a commentary source and many are naturally adept at serving as sources. It’s their job,...more

4/8/2014 - Marketing News Stories Public Relations Subject Matter Experts

Beware the Business Cliché

The term cliché derives from typesetting. Long ago, French printers recognized that certain writers used the same phrase over and over again. So, to spare themselves the labor of setting the phrase each time in movable type,...more

10/21/2013 - Public Relations

Law Firm Websites: The Next Generation

The first generation of law firm websites was not noted for innovation, sophistication or splash. Most were utilitarian efforts at best, if not a bit stodgy. A growing number of firms, however, are overhauling their online...more

8/15/2013 - Marketing

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