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Leandra’s Law

Leandra’s Law, also known as the Child Passenger Protection Act, is a New York State law that makes driving drunk with a child under the age of 16 an automatic felony. The bill was passed by the New York State Assembly and...more

7/23/2014 - Child Passenger Protection Act Drunk Driving

NYPD Cracking Down on Bicyclists Who Don’t Follow Rules of the Road

If you bike ride in Manhattan be aware that the NYPD is cracking down on cyclists who pedal through red lights, ride on sidewalks and make fast turns around corners. Bike related violations have skyrocketed this past month to...more

5/28/2014 - Bicycles Police

Self-Driving Cars – This Is What The Future Holds

Google’s self-driving cars are coming along quite well! Google’s software is divided into four categories: moving vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and stationary things such as signs, curbs and parked cars. The new technology...more

5/8/2014 - Google Self-Driving Cars Technology

Pothole Law: In Winter, New York State Rejects Drivers’ Claims But In Spring It’s Another Story

After this brutal winter, if your car was damaged from hitting potholes on New York State highways, such as I-95 and The Taconic, you are not entitled to file a claim against the state for damages. Whether your car was...more


NYC Could Get More Speed Cameras Installed Around School Zones

You may now think twice before speeding in a school zone as it will cost you a fine. Lead-footed drivers speeding near city schools have been caught by cameras and have been slapped with fines. In New York City, 5 of the...more

4/16/2014 - Public Schools Security Cameras Speed Limits

Apps That Control the Temptation to Text and Drive

As we all know texting while driving is a big problem and it causes way too many fatalities each year. Although, New York is one of many states that have banned texting while driving, there are still a number of people...more

4/8/2014 - Distracted Driving Mobile Apps

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Bill to Raise Age on Tobacco Sales to 21

Suffolk County is the first county nationwide to pass a bill that would raise the age for buying tobacco from 19 to 21. The bill restricts stores in Suffolk County from selling cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and any kind...more


General Motors Faulty Ignition Recall Leads to a Number of Fatalities

The federal safety regulators have received more than 260 complaints about General Motors indicating that that the vehicles suddenly turned off while being driven. Many of the complaints detailed frightening events in which...more

3/14/2014 - Automotive Industry General Motors Manufacturing Defects Product Recalls

The Claims and Litigation Process

How do you file a claim and get compensation? A lawsuit begins by filing a summons and complaint with the court and serving the defendant with a copy of the same. ...more

11/15/2013 - Claim Construction Complaint Procedures Summons

How Insurance Companies Operate

Insurance companies are corporations in business for one purpose and one purpose only—to make profit for their shareholders. The insurance companies are not in existence to pay you one penny more, that’s right, not one cent...more

11/15/2013 - Insurers Settlement

Will My Employer Be Angry?

Most employers understand that accidents happen and this is why they carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation rates are relatively minor and are considered by most to be a cost of doing business. ...more

11/15/2013 - FMLA Workplace Injury

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