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Evidence of Immigration Status: Rarely Relevant, Almost Always Prejudicial

Now, more than ever, terms like “illegal alien,” “illegal immigrant,” and “undocumented worker” generate fear and controversy in our society. And in the courtroom setting, the passionate responses inspired by “immigration”...more

2/12/2015 - Discrimination Green Cards National Origin Discrimination Prejudice Undocumented Immigrants

‘Tis the Season for Social Host Liability

With Christmas just around the corner, the holiday season is well underway. For many, this means that the next few weeks will be filled with buying and wrapping gifts, baking and decorating cookies, listening to festive...more

12/17/2013 - Holiday Parties Holidays Social Host Liability Wrongful Death

Mandatory Relief from Summary Judgment? Courts Are Still Split.

Code of Civil Procedure section 473, subdivision (b) requires a court, under certain circumstances, to grant relief from default or dismissal that results from counsel’s mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or neglect. In a...more

10/21/2013 - Default Judgment Dismissals Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Summary Judgment


Misdirection is a form of deception employed by magicians to focus the attention of an audience on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. For example, a magician announces that he is going to make a donkey...more

9/25/2013 - Bodily Injury Car Accident Litigation Strategies

What the Dickens is the law?

If a trial court issues a ruling based on a single appellate court opinion, and that opinion later gets depublished, what happens to the trial court’s ruling? This was the question in a recent appellate decision, Farmers...more

9/18/2013 - Publication Requirement

Reconsideration: A Possible Side Effect of Depublication

Under the California Rules of Court, rule 8.1125(c), the Supreme Court has the discretionary power to depublish an opinion at any time. Recently, the California Court of Appeal held that, when this happens, depublication can...more

8/29/2013 - Class Certification Motion To Reconsider Writ of Mandamus

Flag on the Play

Football coach Vince Lombardi famously opined that, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” This mantra captured the public’s imagination during Lombardi’s reign as coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s,...more

7/16/2013 - Breach of Contract Ex Parte Football Summary Judgment

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