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Turnabout Is Fair Play: Homeowners Association Forecloses On Bank

A recent report entitled, "Florida Homeowners Foreclose On Deadbeat Banks", provides an interesting and unusual commentary on one effect of the on-going "soft" real estate market, especially for an "REO" property which the...more

1/4/2013 - Credit Bids Foreclosure Homeowners' Association Lenders Liens

Can The Surrender of Property Be Refused By The Lender?

In many Chapter 7 and 13 cases, our clients decide to maximize the benefits of their "fresh start" by surrendering to the lender all of their "rights, title and interest" in an "underwater" residence or rental property or a...more

1/2/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Foreclosure Homeowners' Association Security Deed

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