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Sports Law -- Oct 01, 2012: California Passes the Nation's First Ever "Student-Athlete Bill of Rights"

Athletes enrolled in California's four-year institutions of higher education, public or private, will be protected by a first-in-the-nation law signed by Governor Jerry Brown last week. The Student-Athlete Bill of Rights,...more

What Rights Do Home-Schooled Children Have to Participate in Interscholastic Sports?

An issue that often comes up for a county board of education is what rights do home-schooled children have to participate in interscholastic sports? In 2005, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled in Jones v. Marion...more

Court Rules in UNC Football Public Records Dispute

North Carolina Superior Court Judge Howard Manning recently ruled on the scope of protection for documents related to the highly-publicized investigation of irregularities in the University of North Carolina football program....more

Three Point Shot - July 2012

In This Issue: - Ex-Footballers Sacked on First Play from Scrimmage in Antitrust Lawsuit Against the NCAA - OMG! LOLs No Longer Cause for SMH from the NCAA - Not Quite Harvard v. Yale (1968), ESPN Wins When...more

Trainer: concussions occur all the time in high school football

As high school coaches and administrators learn more about the long-term effects of concussions on the human brain, they are taking them more seriously and doing more to make sure that teenage athletes who suffer this form of...more

Alabama schools to take required part in treating brain injuries

Does your child or teen play a sport for school? If so, that probably brings you a great deal of joy and pride. But maybe it also leaves you feeling scared sometimes. Especially in the more high-impact sports like football...more

Is the Sovereign Immunity of Athletic Trainers at State-Funded Colleges and Universities Coming Under Fire?

Illinois Court finds athletic trainers subject to duty of care independent of State employment - Sellers v. Rudert A recent case decided in Illinois has determined that athletic trainers in Illinois may be held personally...more

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