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Game Developer’s Conduct Justified Granting Publisher a Permanent Royalty-Free License

On April 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit issued an order upholding an arbitration award against a video game developer and granting a publisher a perpetual license in the developer’s game due to the...more

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution in the UK

What to do if someone appears to infringe your patent, copyright, design, trade mark or other intellectual property right or accuses you of infringing his or her rights? Litigation is expensive in England and Wales and...more

Dispute Resolution Processes in Entertainment Contracts

James Kosa wrote an interesting and thoughtful piece over at slaw last week: Shape-Shifting Dispute Processes: Adapting the Process to the Type of IT Dispute. In it, he discusses "alternative dispute resolution (mediation or...more

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