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College Athletes as Employees

Spring 2014 saw the first ever attempt to form a union among Division I college athletes, specifically the football team at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. The National Labor Relation Board’s (“NLRB” or “Board”)...more

Sports Law - Feb 25, 2014: Losing Streak: Athletes Seeking Workers’ Comp. In California Suffer Setbacks

Professional athletes seeking to take advantage of California’s historically beneficial workers’ compensation scheme suffered back-to-back defeats to close out 2013. Even as public attention to the long-term effects of...more

Employer Handbook - Hiring Children

Who, What, Why . . . Who does it apply to: Virtually all business owners hiring individuals under the age of 18. What is the minimum age to hire: There is a lot of variation about the minimum age to hire and there...more

10 Questions About the Harassment Lawsuit Against Geno Auriemma

Yesterday, a security director for the NBA filed a lawsuit against USA Basketball, UConn Women’s Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma, and the NBA. It is just that — a complaint — nothing more and nothing less. Yet it is treated...more

Three Point Shot -- Novemberr 2011

IN THIS ISSUE: - Tennis Umpires Serve Up Lawsuit against USTA - Ultimate Fighting – It's Like "Swan Lake" – How Come You Can't SEE That? - We Are Reliably Informed...more

Nevada OSHA to Inspect Performing Arts and Sporting Event Productions and Venues

Last month, Nevada OSHA implemented a revised Local Emphasis Program (LEP) targeted at employers in the performing arts, live entertainment, sports and related industries. According to the recently released LEP, industries...more

Commercials Contracts with Performers’ Unions To Be Extended Until March 31, 2013

The current collective bargaining agreements between the advertising industry and unions for performers who appear in commercials -- the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – are...more

Ten Things You Need to Know About Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training in California

Employers in the live entertainment business must comply with the law of the workplace in every state in which they operate. California, Connecticut and Maine currently have statutes mandating that employers train their...more

The "Starving" Intern: Legal Ins & Outs of Unpaid Internships

Everyone remembers the first day of their highly touted unpaid internship — nerves twitching, heart racing, palms sweating, eager to perform any mundane task with the utmost perfection to impress a new supervisor. For many,...more

In Defense of Sports Law

This article summarizes the difference between "Sports Law" and "Entertainment Law," and why it matters....more

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