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Disparate Impact HUD FHA SCOTUS Discrimination Fair Housing Act Certiorari Mount Holly v Mt. Holly Citizens in Action CFPB ECOA DHCA v Inclusive Communities Project Mortgages Affordable Housing Discriminatory Effects Rule Fair Lending Lenders Settlement ADEA Burden of Proof Burden-Shifting Foreclosure Housing Discrimination Racial Discrimination Tax Credits Administrative Procedure Act Age Discrimination Appeals Banks DOJ Fair Housing Governmental Liability Insurers Mount Holly Municipalities Oral Argument Popular Predatory Lending Protected Class Qualified Mortgage Rule Redevelopment Secured Lenders Title VII Abandoned Property Ability-to-Repay ADA Anti-SLAPP Architects Assistive Animals Attorney Generals Banking Sector Building Codes Business Justification Citigroup City of Los Angeles Class Action Class Certification Colleges Commercial Property Owners Commercial Real Estate Market Commonality Continuing Violation Theory Creditors Disability Discrimination Discovery Drug & Alcohol Abuse Drug Treatment Dukes v Wal-Mart Electronically Stored Information Eminent Domain Employer Liability Issues Equal Protection Fees FEHA Financial Institutions Homeowner's Insurance Landlords Legally Sufficient Justification LGBT Liability LIHTC Litigation Strategies Loans Local Ordinance Maternity Leave McCarran-Ferguson Act Military Service Members Mortgage Lenders Motion to Compel NAACP New Regulations Obama Administration Private Right of Action Property Tax Proportionality Protected Activity Public Entities Public Housing Authorities Race Discrimination Real Estate Development Regulation B Residential Property Owners Residential Real Estate Market Rodriguez v National City Bank Rule 23 Safe Harbors Same-Sex Marriage SCRA Section 1983 Section 8 Separation of Powers Service Animals Sexual Orientation Discrimination Solicitor General Statute of Limitations Strategic Enforcement Plan Students Subdivision Tax Revenues Underwriting Universities Vacated