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Can Our Association Do That? FCA Adopts New Rule for Farm Credit Subsidiaries

The Farm Credit Administration has adopted a new final rule governing the ownership and use of unincorporated business entities (UBEs) by Farm Credit System institutions. It applies to investments by System institutions in...more

Going on the Offense: Proactive Strategies to Reduce Uncertainty [Video]

In this LEVICK Daily video interview, we discuss an upcoming panel discussion at the 2013 BIO International Convention entitled, Going on the Offense: Proactive Strategies to Reduce Uncertainty. During the discussion, which...more

Climate policy in Australia under a new government

A summmary and business implications analysis of climate policy and carbon pricing after the 2010 Australian Federal election....more

Gas & Oil Addendum

All, I am in the business of facilitating Gas & Oil negotiations, lease and addendum drafting and litigation. As my G&O practice grows each day, along with the industry itself, I find myself always increasing the protective...more

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