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Steel producer to pay $1.6 million civil penalty for alleged violations By Chris Paul

Steel producer Allegheny Ludlum will pay a $1.6 million civil penalty for alleged Clean Air Act violations at its Natrona plant in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, under the terms of a proposed Consent Decree lodged in federal...more

Best Practices in Initial Appointment and Reappointment Procedures

In this Presentation: *Environmental Overview *OIG’s FY 2008 Top Management and Performance Challenges *Screening for Quality Applicants *Maintaining a Quality Medical Staff *Avoiding Information Errors *Best...more

Report on Effects of Asbestos Dust on the Lungs and the Supression in the Asbestos Industry

The first major clinical study involving hundreds of asbestos workers was conducted by Dr. Merewether, a prominent medical researcher. His study indicates that one out of every 4 workers was suffering from asbestosis. His...more

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