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Insights Into The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Priorities For 2013

On March 20, 2013, Michael Bresnick, Executive Director of DOJ’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force gave a speech at the Exchequer Club of Washington, DC highlighting recent accomplishments of the Task Force and outlining...more

Impacts of Criminal Procedural Law Amendments on Investigations of Bribery Cases

In a recent landmark decision, China’s national legislature, the National People’s Congress, increased the protection of suspects’ legal rights and reinforced its efforts to punish bribery and other crimes. The decision will...more

More amendments to the EU's Syrian sanctions measures

On 15 November 2011, two Regulations (1150/2011 and 1151/2011) adopted by the Council of the European Union (EU) entered into effect, resulting in more amendments to the EU's original Syria Sanctions Regulation (i.e....more

El Delito de Libramiento Indebido de Cheques - Segunda Parte

En la segunda parte del informe explicaré la forma de intervención, las fases de comisión del delito (iter criminis), las cuestiones previas y la pena aplicable....more

El Delito de Libramiento Indebido de Cheques - Primera Parte

En la primera parte de este artículo señalaré en que momento nos encontramos frente al tipo penal que nos estamos refiriendo desglosando sus modalidades....more

Carlos Gonzalez Commenting on the Risks of Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai as a universal hub for finance and tourism, is facing a test because of a clampdown on fraud and overdevelopment, which came with a rapid increase in the amount of investment and people. Its judicial system aspires to...more

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