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China’s New Cybersecurity Policies: Is the Price of Compliance Worth the Risk of Disclosure?

Tensions recently escalated in the United States and China’s ongoing exchange over online security and technology policies, as China adopted the first in a series of policies it previously approved at the end of last year. ...more

Obama Administration Announces Cybersecurity and Privacy Initiatives

On Monday, January 12, 2015, President Obama appeared at the Federal Trade Commission to announce the administration’s blitz of cyber security and privacy legislative and public policy initiatives, which will be discussed in...more

Socially Aware - Volume 5, Issue 7 - December 2014

In This Issue: - What’s in a Like? - R.I.P.: The Facebook “Like” Gate - Facebook Dislikes Fake Likes - Privacy in the Cloud: A Legal Framework for Moving Personal Data to the Cloud - Click...more

Law À La Mode - Issue 14 – October 2014 (Global)

In This Issue: - Understanding the EU Consumer Rights Directive: An overview of the new Directive on Consumer Rights and its implementation in Belgium, France, Italy and the UK - Free Zones in the UAE: What do...more

Advertising Law -- Jan 16, 2014

FTC Makes New Year’s Resolution to Target Deceptive Weight-Loss Claims - While many Americans made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get in better shape, the Federal Trade Commission resolved to eliminate...more

Capital Thinking: Technology and Communications

Rep. Goodlatte Introduces Patent Litigation Reform Bill - Last Wednesday, October 23, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced the Innovation Act (H.R. 3309), intended to curtail abusive...more

Business Law Newsletter - September 2013

In This Issue: - Proactive Steps to Protect Trade Secrets - Finding a Safe Path to Following the FCC’s Newest Consumer Privacy Directives - A Tactical Approach to Defending Virginia Non-Competes - Excerpt...more

Advertising Law -- Jul 19, 2013

California AG Reports on Data Breaches - In a new report, California Attorney General Kamala Harris revealed that 2.5 million state residents were the victims of a data breach in 2012, with the average breach...more

Advertising Law -- May 16, 2013

In This Issue: Linda Goldstein to Provide Insight on FTC’s Dot Com Dislosure Guidance at Upcoming Bloomberg BNA Webinar; “All Natural” False Ad Suits Continue, Stalled; Wake Up! FDA Considers Caffeinated Foods;...more

FTC Offers FAQ Guide for Revised COPPA Rule

A 92-question and answer guide is available from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to help businesses and parents understand the new rule for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which go into effect July 1,...more

Administration Launches Strategy on Mitigating Theft of U.S. Trade Secrets

The strategy announced on February 20, 2013, should serve as both a wake-up call from the government and an offer of assistance. Given the losses that can arise from competitors’ purposeful theft of trade secrets, entities...more

Buying Competitor's Names As Keywords Does Not Violate Wisconsin's Privacy Law

A personal injury law firm can buy search terms using the names of a competing law firm’s partners without violating Wisconsin’s privacy laws because the use of the names is “non-visible,” an appellate court found. The...more

FTC Says HTC Mobile Devices Have Serious Security Flaws

Mobile devices made by HTC America, Inc. contain serious security flaws, which allow the phones to send their own text messages, send personally identifiable information to third parties, and even activate the microphone to...more

FTC Urges Mobile Apps to Disclose to Consumers What Data Apps Collect

Mobile apps should disclose in easy-to-understand language what data they collect and how the data is used, and they should consider a do-not-track mechanism, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommended in a staff report...more

Do Laws Address Cyber-Threats to Today's Computerized Cars?

Today’s cars are computers on wheels, open to hackers who can infect cars with malware and take control of a car’s speed, braking, and other vital systems. Whether today’s laws are applicable to these cyber-threats was the...more

Texas’ Amended Data Breach Notification Law Is Expansive

Texas amended its existing data breach notification law which became effective on September 1, 2012. The relevant section of the law is titled “Notification Required Following Breach of Security of Computerized Data” and is...more

Facebook “Sponsored Stories” Lawsuit Highlights Evolving Right of Publicity

application. The case highlights the evolution of publicity rights in the face of social media. Publicity rights have been protected since the advent of the Hollywood celebrity in the second half of the 20th century. In...more

Kids Mobile Apps Disclosure Practices Get FTC Failing Grade

Mobile apps for children continue to leave parents in the dark as to what information is being collected and what is being done with that information, according to a new study by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The...more

Epic Marketplace Cited for History Sniffing by FTC

An online advertising company has agreed to stop gathering sensitive data from millions of consumers and will cease its secret “history sniffing” activities, which revealed the websites users had visited in the past. The...more

FTC Addresses Facial Recognition Privacy Concerns

Facial recognition applications now link faces with other databases, allowing companies to identify anonymous individuals and obtain their personal information without the consumer ever knowing, thus raising privacy concerns....more

Cell Phone Owners Avoid Apps that Collect Personal Data

Even though about half of all cell phone users download apps, a majority of users have decided not to install a particular app once they discovered how much personal information they would need to share in order to use the...more

Advertising Law -- June 21, 2012

In This Issue: Status Update: Facebook Seeks to Add Children; NLRB Speaks Again on Social Media; The Happiest – and Healthiest? – Place on Earth; NYC Considering Ban on Large, Sugary Drinks; Microsoft’s IE 10 Will...more

Advertising Law -- March 14, 2012

In This Issue: *Manatt Partners Christopher Cole and Edward Glynn Invited to Speak at ABA Section of Antitrust Law Spring Meeting *Battle Over “Coach” Needs a Ref *The FTC’s Top 10 . . . Complaints, That Is *Fight...more

Digital Risk: All the Stuff You Never Thought About

This is an excerpt from the 2012 SXSW Interactive Panel "Data Breaches: Taking the Bull By the Horns," which highlights the critical, but often unforgotten legal points that should be undertaken when an IT security breach...more

Key Privacy, Security and Information Management Issues in a Digital World Economy

Web 2.0, mobile applications and cloud based services have revolutionized how companies communicate and interact with customers, current and prospective, and how businesses process, transmit, secure and store information. ...more

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