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Over lunch last week, a local attorney was complaining to me about his case that is going to trial in July. On the last day to serve written discovery, Plaintiff counsel had served each of his five clients, on behalf of each...more

Know Your Risks: Professional Liability for Engineers Under Kentucky Law

Every year, scores — if not hundreds — of cases are filed in Kentucky courts asserting claims involving construction projects. As players on the construction team, civil, structural and mechanical engineers face significant...more

DEPOSITIONS: What Are the Real Objections?

In the spirit of my most recent article, "OBJECTION!! There's this case that says . . . ", here is a list of proper and improper objections to deposition questions that you should also keep in the back of your legal pad. ...more

What About the Architects?

In New Jersey, professional engineers are afforded protection for construction site accident by virtue of the site safety statute. Liability for such accidents is imposed only in limited circumstances. However, there is no...more

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