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Legal links of interest for the week ending June 7, 2013

Steven Getman: Legal links of interest for the week ending June 7, 2013 Attorney Steven Getman reports on some of the stories about courts, the law and lawyers in the news this past week: City's red light camera program may...more

Filer Beware – The Growth Of Fraudulent Tax Returns

The filing of fraudulent tax returns resulting from identity theft is a growing business in America. If it wasn’t bad enough that the criminals would try to get money out of your bank or use the information to purchase goods...more

IRS Phishing Fraud – What Can You Do?

Every year the IRS publishes there Dirty Dozen tax scams. These are common scams that taxpayers face, but are most prevalent now during tax season....more


A recent article warns of a current email scam that attempts to trick recipients into sending bank account to the scammers. The email comes with “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)” in the heading, and...more

Phishing Scam aimed at Military originates from Florida?

The IRS has revealed a new phishing scam aimed at members of the military. A phishing scam is where fraudulent emails that appear to be from a genuine source are sent soliciting for personal information which is then used for...more

Tragedy of Tax Refund Fraud

The tax refund fraud scourge is on the rise and does not show any signs of abating. Many taxpayers have already fallen victim to tax refund cheats who steal their identities and along with that, their tax refunds. The problem...more

Lawmakers Introduce Legislation on Missing Children and IRS

The contentious issue of legislation barring tax information from being released that could lead to missing children may be changed soon. According to the Justice Department’s statistics, about 200,000 children are...more

IRS Imposters Abound at Tax Time

Tax season is always the time when tax scammers increase their activities. Although the warning has been given many times before, it is does no harm to repeat it. Do not respond to emails that come in the name of the IRS. The...more

HSBC Next Tax Haven Bank Under Attack?

According to press reports a former employee of HSBC Private Bank in Geneva, Switzerland stole computerized account data on 80,000 accounts and delivered the information to French authorities. There is no indication how many...more

Tax Consequences for Customer Data Theft

Identity theft is not a trivial issue. The costs to our national, state and local economies, businesses and individual consumers are substantial. According to Forbes, the 2009 estimated cost of identity theft was $54 billion....more

Tax Consequences of Theft of Customer Data

Theft of customer data is not limited to identity theft, at least the kind where the thief uses stolen identities to defraud merchants, banks and destroy credit of consumers. An important example of what can happen when...more

10 Things You should know about Identity Theft and the IRS

Identity theft is a crime where someone uses your personal information such as social security number, bank account number etc to steal from you. As far as identity theft pertaining to your taxes, for example, identity...more

Swiss To Help IRS Nab Tax Dodgers

After a much-publicized initial rejection by the Swiss lower house of parliament of an IRS-UBS deal in which the Swiss bank agreed to forward details of 4,450 of its American depositors suspected of tax evasion, the lawmakers...more

Newsletter of the Advertising, Marketing & Media Practice Group of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

IN THIS ISSUE: *Top Brand Integration Lawyer Joins Manatt In Los Angeles *EU Wants Better Code of Conduct for Video Games *NJ Court Requires Subpoena for Internet User Data *Slim-Fast Sues Slimquick *Telemarketers...more

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