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Drones And HOAs: How Homeowners Associations And Condominium Associations Can Be Prepared To Deal With The New Technology’s recent announcement – that in the future it may utilize unmanned drones to deliver packages to individual residences – has created a host of novel legal issues that all homeowners associations should consider and...more

Report From Counsel: Insights and Developments in the Law - Fall 2013

In this Issue: - Limited Liability Companies — The Best of All Worlds? - Employees Are Responsible for Beneficiary Designations - Protect Your Plastic - HOA Can Regulate Common Area -...more

Owners' Request For Records - the Lahrkamp Saga Continues

Another follow-up to our previous posts on “Owners Requests for Records”. As we previously posted, the Court agreed to vary its original order that the Corporation provide access to Mr.Lahrkamp to proxies and ballots by...more

Invasion of Privacy in Condominiums

A recent case before the Ontario Court of Appeal dealing with the privacy of a Bank customer's personal information, may have some interesting applications for condominium corporations and property managers across...more

Collection of Personal Information by Condo Corporations

Many condominiums collect license plate information from residents for several reasons including parking enforcement. As such, it is important to take note of the Leon’s Furniture Limited v. Alberta (Information and Privacy...more

The Condo Report - Issue 10 - Spring 2011

CONTENTS *Forced Sale of a Condo Unit - Condo Owner to Move - 1 *Accessibility Standards for Customer Service: The Clock is Ticking - 2 *Disclosure Of Information To Purchasers By Developers - When Is It Sufficient?...more

Condo Canvassing

Another federal election has started which means we will start seeing door to door canvassing. How does this impact on condominium corporations? Can management or security prohibit those canvassers from entering the...more

No liability for condo drowning - video surveillance

CAI Law Reporter recently reported a case decision from Ohio, dealing with whether a condominium association assumed liability for a pool drowning because of the installation of video surveillance cameras in the pool...more

Video Surveillance - Breach of Privacy

Boards of Directors of condominium corporations are often faced with the challenge of determining what is adequate security for their communities. What levels of security are needed to prevent theft, vandalism and ensure that...more

Disclosure of Unit Owner Information

The month of September was an interesting month for decisions from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta relating to the release of personal information of condo and co-op owners. The Co-op...more

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