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Waterfall Distributions for Investors – Bruce E. Methven

Managers who are organizing an investment funds....more

J-REIT Reform – Finance and Insider Trading Regulations

On December 7, 2012, the working group of the finance committee of the Financial Services Agency of Japan (the “Working Group”) issued its final report (the “Final Report”) with respect to the reform of the legal regime of...more

Using the Reg. S Exemption for Foreign Investors

Using Reg. S is useful when the issuer does not want to be limited by the restrictions of Rule 506. With a Rule 506 offering all investors must be either accredited or sophisticated, and there is a limit of 35 non-accredited...more

Using Finders to Locate Investors – Bruce E. Methven

A number of years ago the SEC effectively banned the use of finders to locate investors for securities offerings that cross state lines. Still, a few states allow finders for their intrastate offerings (offerings made...more

Using Rule 506 for Raising Money

Helpful advice for using Rule 506 for raising money....more

Court Grants Preliminary Injunction in Case Involving General Partnership Interests

A California district court granted the Securities and Exchange Commission’s motion for a preliminary injunction against defendants who were selling general partnership interests in parcels of land. The court determined that...more

Real Estate Blind Pools

This handbook is for anyone seeking $500,000 to $5,000,000 to fund a real estate limited partnership without having to identify which properties will be bought, developed or sold on behalf of the investors. This form of...more

"Can I use finders?"

"Can I use finders to raise the money?” Anyone faced with the challenge of funding a project from non-bank sources will ask this question sooner or later. The law governing finders depends on whether you are engaging...more

Medical Cannabis Opportunities

Medical Cannabis Investment Opportunities Private Placement Advisors (, with Medical Cannabis Law Group (, writes customized business plans for a)medical marijuana...more

FDI in Real Estate in India

FDI in Real Estate in India: Legal Framework

This document carries out varioud legal and procedural requirement for investment in India in Real Estate Business. CS Devesh Pandey Corporate Consultant 9811237186 Singhania & Co LLP Advocates and Solicitors International...more

How to Raise Money for CA Real Estate Deals Legally

When you need to raise money for a California real estate venture, there are several options under California real estate syndication law and state and Federal private placement law. This article examines one option. ...more

China REIT Update

After several years of speculation, it looks like China is at last in the process of implementing a real estate investment trust (REIT) regime. While property developers and investors, who have eagerly been awaiting the...more

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