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How to Pick an Asset Protection Lawyer - Due Dilligence Questions

Article with key due diligence questions to help consumers and their advisors determine exactly who and what an Asset Protection planner is, how to avoid amateurs and common mistakes and how to pick the best help in a complex...more

The New Zero Tax Company Regime in New Zealand`

A new fiscally transparent company is now available in New Zealand. A "look through" company is expected to be very useful in an international wealth structuring context in the same way that "offshore" or "international...more

This Is Not Your Father's Law Practice

Remember the law practice of your dreams? Did it include the constant worry of finding and engaging new clients? Starting over with a zero balance sheet every month and working yourself to death to market and manage...more

Do What Yourself?

By the time I sold my firm, I was doing very little of the day to day activities of the business myself, which meant I only had to work 2-3 days a week. Nice, right? Yes, very nice. But, there are some times and some...more

What Drives You?

Take a moment and consider the following: 1. What drives me? 2. What is my purpose for being a lawyer? 3. What is my purpose in life? 4. Am I happy? 5. Why did I go to law school? 6. Am I making a difference...more

How to Revamp Your Client Service System in 24 Hours or Less

One of the easiest ways to continue the momentum after successfully engaging a client is to thoroughly automate the client service process. This not only ensures you are continuing the WOW experience after your initial...more

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