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The Condominium Corporation and the Developer Board

Upon the registration of a condominium plan at Land Titles (or the first phase of a condominium plan in the case of a phased development), a condominium corporation is created. The condominium corporation is the vehicle by...more

Dominatrix Dungeon In Residential Condo

We expect that some residents were shocked to read a recent article in the Toronto Star that reported that one of the residents in their condominium was operating a dominatrix dungeon from her unit. ...more

Catching Up with Winding Down: The Status of California Redevelopment Successor Agencies

Successor agencies to California’s dissolved Redevelopment Agencies (“RDAs”) continue to wind down the operations of the former RDAs under the supervision of oversight boards pursuant to Assembly Bill X1 26 (“AB 26”) as...more

Fannie Mae Provides Guidance Regarding Chicago Vacant Property Ordinance and Payment of Homeowners’ Association Dues and Condo...

On April 11, Fannie Mae published Servicing Guide Lender Letter LL-2012-04, which follows up on a previous notice regarding the City of Chicago’s (the City) vacant property ordinance. Effective May 1, 2012, servicers will be...more

Proposed Changes to the Georgia Land Conservation Tax Credit Act (O.C.G.A. § 48-7-29.12)

In April 2006, the state of Georgia passed the Georgia Land Conservation Tax Credit Act, creating a new state income tax credit (not deduction) for land conservation. The purpose of the law was to provide a financial...more

Court Rules to Eliminate California Redevelopment Agencies

The Ruling - As 2011 drew to a close, the California Supreme Court struck a fatal blow for California’s redevelopment agencies. In upholding Assembly Bill X1 26 and striking down Assembly Bill X1 27 in California...more

Florida Investor Resource: The Miami Downtown Development Agency

For investors in Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Canada, or elsewhere, considering real estate investment in South Florida, there is a local resource that should prove very helpful to them: the Miami Downtown Development...more

Reform of French Taxes on Wealth and Estates

On 11 May, the French Government introduced before the National Assembly an Amending Finance Bill (n°3046) for 2011 (the Bill) that proposes a significant reform of taxes on wealth and estates. Pursuant to the Bill, the tax...more

Breast Feeding Condo Battles

Former police officer, Felina Rakowski-Gallagher, decided to open a breast feeding establishment in Manhattan eleven years ago, so that women would have a place to go for practical advice on breast feeding. After her business...more

Condo Unit Size - Why are boundaries important?

The other day I received an email from a land surveyor who commented on the confusing nature of unit boundaries and thought a blog on this topic would be worthwhile. The issue is that condo purchasers (whether buying a...more

Status Certificate's Failure to Disclose Unauthorized Alterations

An interesting case recently decided by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, involved a unit owner's unauthorized widening of a doorway and the board's attempt to enforce the provisions in the Declaration. In Durham...more

Eminent Domain Guide

What is Eminent Domain and What am I Entitled to if the Government Seeks to Condemn my Property: A Survival Guide to Eminent Domain for Property and Business Owners....more

Condos and Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplaces in homes can often lead to high risk situations if not properly maintained and repaired. Many fires have been caused by problems with the corrosion of chimneys, all because the owner was not aware of...more

Motion Sensor Lighting in Condos

This past August, the Toronto City Council passed an amendment to the Municipal Code- Property Standards to allow the use of motion sensor-controlled lighting in multi-unit residential buildings. This now allows motion sensor...more

Massachusetts Court Invalidates Build-to-Suit Lease Under Construction Bid Laws

Massachusetts' highest court recently ruled that a long-term lease of a build-to-suit dormitory facility to the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UMass Lowell), violated the Commonwealth's public construction bid laws,...more

The Power of Kings re Eminent Domain

I serve as General Counsel to Small Business and Government clients. I draft and negotiate all contracts that are approved by the respective boards. Prior to law school I served as an elected public official wherein in...more

Forming the Affordable Housing Nonprofit Developer, By Brent C. Shaffer

Given the desire of many to increase the production of simple, decent housing at low cost, it is ironic that the more affordable the housing, the more elaborate and complex is the task to build it. This truism holds for...more

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