"I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident."

Those are the ominous words the 21-year-old texted just minutes before his catastrophic out-of-state car accident. The near-deadly accident resulted in medical professionals bringing the young man back to life a total of three times. Reportedly, the young man suffered such serious injuries from his Jan. accident that he was rendered unable to speak until enduring extensive rehabilitation over a span of six months.

As detailed in a post last week, Alabama enacted a law that as of Aug. 1, texting or emailing while driving is a primary offense punishable by fine. However, the up to $75 fine should not be the primary motivation for Alabama drivers to put their smartphones down while driving. Catastrophic injury and even loss of life are with increasing frequency the side effects of texting or emailing while driving.

The story of this texting-while-driving survivor is one of redemption. The young man states that he feels his life was spared because he has a critical message to spread: "I should tell everyone not to text message and drive."

It is hoped that Alabama drivers will heed this young survivor's warning. Failing to do so could not only put the offender at risk, but all others on the road as well.

Source: Huffington Post, "Chance Bothe Texts 'I Need To Quit Texting' Before Near-Deadly Truck Crash," Britney Fitzgerald, Aug. 3, 2012