A Terms of Trade Primer - Part 7 (Super-License Fees)


This is the seventh installment in our series about the new Terms of Trade applicable to the English-language Canadian private broadcasting industry (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6). This installment focuses on Section 8 (Super License Fees) of the Terms of Trade Agreement. This is the seventh of an anticipated eight posts which will be posted over the course of the next little while and which will cover the Terms of Trade in detail. Once all eight posts have been published, the archived posts will be available at this link.

What do the Terms of Trade say about... "super-license fees"?

A super-license fee is equal to the lesser of (a) the combined CMF threshold license fee for the applicable genre (if any) plus the maximum license fee top-up for that genre, or (b) a license fee representing at least 60% of the production budget of a project. Once a super-license fee has been paid, it significantly expands the scope of the rights which a broadcaster can acquire and/or increases the share of revenue they would otherwise be able to obtain from certain forms of exploitation.

The payment of a super-license fee entitles the broadcaster to enter into negotiations for a higher revenue share of certain rights - but the broadcaster's share of revenue can never exceed 75%. The rights in respect of which the broadcaster can obtain a higher share of revenue are the following...

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