During the past three decades, more than 13 million Americans have been prescribed the medication Accutane to control cystic acne and other skin conditions. In July 2009, the drug's manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche voluntarily withdrew the medication from the U.S. market due to business reasons — while Accutane was on the market, Hoffmann-La Roche faced several large personal injury lawsuits related to the side effects of this dangerous medication. Although this company no longer manufactures Accutane, generic versions of isotretinoin are distributed by several companies.

Manufacturer battles legitimate injury claims

In 2005, Hoffmann-La Roche launched an aggressive anti-liability campaign called iPledge. This was designed to make sure that women taking Accutane had completed a pledge of abstinence or had committed to using two forms of birth control. The program required prescribing physicians and pharmacies to enroll and demanded that women answer personal medical questions with each refill.

Potential side effects

Oral versions of Accutane and isotretinoin are particularly hazardous for adolescent and adult women. Accutane is known to cause severe birth defects and miscarriage. Women who are pregnant should never take Accutane, and those who can become pregnant must use two forms of birth control.

Severe birth defects are only one side-effect associated with Accutane. The oral medication is also known to cause mental health issues, including depression, psychosis and suicidal urges. If you or a loved one has taken Accutane and developed side-effects, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Tate Law Group today.

We can help

Tate Law Group is committed to representing individuals who have been harmed by Accutane, isotretinoin and other dangerous drugs. The firm has built a reputation in practicing multidistrict litigation and pursuing cases nationally and locally in Savannah, GA. As advocates for public safety, the firm's attorneys aggressively litigate personal injury cases and provide consumer advisory services to a variety of steering committees.