AIPPI Forum & ExCo 2013 in Helsinki


This year AIPPI Executive Commettee meeting will take place in Helsinki, starting on Saturday 7 September. Among the issues that will be studied and discussed, the introduction of grace period for patents (Q233), the degree of recognition of famous marks, well-known marks and marks with a reputation in ordr to qualify for enhanced protection (Q234), the term of copyright protection (Q235) and alternative relief in IP proceedings other than injunctions or damages (Q236).

Furthermore, there will be special sessions dedicated to UP/UPC package, a very hot topic, and to the protection of IP rights in Africa through the ARIPO system.

As usual, the ExCo will be preceded by a Forum, with multiple workshops, mainly focused on pharmaceutical patetents and other IP rights.

I will attend the meeting and report the most important developments and news both here and in our IPTitaly group on LinkedIn.