Alabama Auto Accident Injures 4 And Kills 4


Auto accidents occur on a daily basis. While any auto accident is potentially tragic, remorse tends to run deeper when children are identified as victims. In Alabama, a toddler was killed along with three others in a recent crash. Four others were injured as well.

An SUV with eight occupants ran off an Alabama road then flipped before it hit a tree. Investigators noted that none of the passengers in the SUV were wearing proper safety restraints. The injured passengers -- all children ranging in age from 10 to 17 -- were taken to a hospital where they received medical care for unspecified injuries.

The condition of the injured passengers is not known at this time, and the cause of the accident was not further detailed. It is not yet known if alcohol and/or drugs played a role, though it appears clear that the unidentified driver lost control of the vehicle. Investigators are hoping to uncover clues to what may have caused the tragic accident. It is not clear if any of the car occupants were related, though two of the deceased -- a 22-year-old woman and a 2-year-old infant -- bore the same last name.

When an auto accident occurs, a negligent driver can be held responsible in an Alabama civil court for monetary damages that result. Those injured, as well as the surviving family of anyone that died, have the right to pursue claims for reimbursement of financial damages sustained. These claims may be made against a driver deemed negligent as well as any separate owner of the vehicle involved. As the victims that survived and the families of those that died struggle to move forward, they may benefit by gaining an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under our personal injury and wrongful death laws.

Source:, "Four Killed, Four Injured in Alabama Crash," May 16, 2013