Alternative Training Methods Could Increase Workplace Safety

While an employer's insurance company is obligated in Alabama to cover an injured worker's medical expenses and lost wages resulting from an accident on the job, an injured employee will not always receive the full benefits that they deserve. In a manner that is difficult to understand, it appears that most employers in Alabama will focus more on how to save costs and fight workers' compensation claims, rather than focus on increasing workplace safety to avoid accidents.

There are many manners in which simple training adjustments or increased safety precautions could have huge returns on the continued wellbeing of workers in various fields prone to accidents and injuries. Two company founders took a grant to develop a videogame-like training simulation for forklift operators at a relatively low cost. It is different than traditional training around heavy machinery because it is engaged and reactive to give the employee a sense of what the real driver's seat will be like.

One of the cofounders says of this opportunity, "Companies using our product will find that they have shorter training cycles with less supervision needed and, most importantly, a safer environment." The last point should be the most salient argument in more widespread adoption of alternative training practices like this: a safer environment.

Unfortunately, for many employers there are only bottom lines, rather than employees with families to provide for. Hopefully, more employers across the nation will see that training methods of this nature are worth the investment because in the long run it will save on time, expenses and injuries.

Source:, "Virtual Reality Training Program Created for Forklift Operators," March 11, 2013