For some residents in Alabama, teenage drivers in particular, this is an annoying law. Some feel like it is the government getting too involved in our lives. However, the real price for texting while driving can be either the texter's life or another innocent driver's life. It's not worth it. According to Senator Bussman, "We did it because it's important you understand the dangers. We're losing too many kids already in traffic accidents, and we don't need to lose more because their texting and driving."

Even with the public service announcements issuing throughout the state, one representative from AT&T shares the staggering statistic that 97 percent of people are aware of the danger surrounding texting while driving, but 43 percent continue to engage in the reckless activity anyhow.

The representative says that the dangers can be on par with drunk driving or drugged driving. It's not worth it. AT&T is attempting to get individuals, particularly teens, to pledge to focus on the road while driving and refrain from any texting, emailing or web browsing that will distract the driver's attention and leave their life and others in the way of harm.

Source: Cullman Times, "Texting and driving dangers outlined to students," Ashley Graves, Oct. 14, 2012

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