August 1 Deadline Announced for Prop. 39 Funding for Small Schools - Under 1,000 ADA Schools Can Apply for Two Years of Funding for Renewable Energy or Energy Efficiency Projects


Schools in California with less than 1,000 average daily attendance (ADA) have until August 1 to apply for two years worth of state funding to help with energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.

Under Prop. 39, small schools have the opportunity to get two years of funding (fiscal years 2013-2015) during the current fiscal year (2013-14). Details of the projects are not required in order to apply to the California Department of Education for the funding.

To see if your school is eligible and to obtain an application, click here.

Prop. 39 became effective on June 28 when the governor signed into law Senate Bill 73. Prop. 39 was approved by voters last year to provide California school districts, county offices of education, charter schools and state special schools with approximately $381 million in fiscal year 2013-14 for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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