Auto Safety Agency Urges Riders Not to Wear 5X5/SA-08 Helmets Sold by Tank Sports, Inc.


The National Highway Safety Administration urges motorcyclists to not wear 5X5/SA-08 helmets sold by Tank Sports, Inc. According the administration the helmet failed to meet federal head protection requirements. Tank Sports, Inc. of California declared bankruptcy without completing a recall requested by NHTSA. Although it is believed that none of the 5X5/SA-08 helmets are currently being sold in the U.S, there may be some motorcyclists who are still using them. It is reported that the helmet failed to meet the Federal Safety Standard 218, which involves penetration protection. According the NHTSA the outer shell and the inner shell of 3 out of 4 helmets were penetrated during safety tests. Although no injuries or deaths directly related to the helmet have been reported NHTSA urges riders to discard these helmets immediately. If you have one the recalled 5X5 brand helmets you should discontinue use immediately and contact the NHTSA.

If you or someone you love has been injured while riding wearing one the recalled 5X5/SA-08 helmets, please call Begam & Marks as soon as possible for representation.