Believers try to push TWIC through Congress


The US citizenry rejects a national identity credential. Congress tried to sneak one by as the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, managed by the Transportation Security Administration. Seafarers in the US are among the guinea pigs for this ill-conceived plan. TWIC is dying. However, there are TWICster obstructionists: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Politano of maritime Arizona, maritime expert ‘Airport’ Johnny Pistole, and TWIC manager John Schwartz. They are Eric Hoffer true believers adamant that the TWIC toxin be spread. They forget Mr Hoffer’s day job was long-shoring. The thundering hooves you hear are the accounting cavalry: TWIC will die fiscally — but not before a whining, mewling, whimpering guerrilla rearguard is posed by government and industry partisans. At Congressional hearing on March 31, the TSA was predictably petty power in the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy. It argued to merge the useless TWIC and a successful chemical plant access programme. I hope that good money will not follow bad and ruin the successful programme.

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