Breaking The Glass Ceiling With a Smile: A Triumph Over Sexism In Good Humor


When my daughter was born, I had the feeling that she might be in the first generation that saw quality for women. As she grew older, and her intelligence manifested itself, I thought that I was only half right. The half that was wrong was that although her generation earned the right to equality, it might take the next generation of men to catch up to something I had written years before. What I had said was that the shortage of really bright people in the world made it necessary to ignore the race or color or gender of really bright people – the ones that would save the world and make it a better place. Despite the extraordinary accomplishments – and they are many and profound – of both my daughter and my daughters-in-law, we’re not quite there yet. The same goes, by the way, for race, despite the election of a black president, who happens to be one of the brightest people this country has produced.

Cherish, then, this delightful little book by Louise E. Rothery -- one of the brightest people around.

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