Brown Act Refresher: Make Sure to Post Agendas on the District Website!

There are so  many complex ins and outs to the law, that's why we've decided to start posting "Refreshers" on some of the most common laws that school districts encounter, including the Brown Act, the California Public Records Act, conflicts of interest, discipline/dismissals, and leave. These posts are intended to draw your attention to provisions of the law that might be overlooked or forgotten -- sometimes we just need a little refresher!

AB 1344, which went into effect on January 1, 2012, changes some of the requirements of the Brown Act.  AB 1344 requires local educational agencies that maintain a website to post the agenda of a regularly scheduled meeting at least 72 hours in advance on their website (and 24 hours in advance for special meetings). Although AB 1344 doesn't change the timeline for posting notice, it requires that if a district has a website, that agendas must be posted on that website.

The full text of AB 1344 can be found here.