Budgeting: An Effective Tool For Achieving Financial Freedom


What exactly is budgeting? I have not yet seen nor heard a simpler, better definition of it than the one provided by Dave Ramsey, a well known and highly regarded financial counselor. In his words, "budgeting is the process of telling your money where to go before the month begins, instead of wondering where it went after the month is over." When done correctly, budgeting helps individuals and couples set and meet goals, and establish priorities. By budgeting, you can live an easier life, reducing the stress associated with overspending on things that may be more of a "want" than a "need". A shared financial plan can allow a couples relationship to flourish, and eliminate at least one significant cause of marital conflict. Budgeting is all about control. Control over your money can assist you in controlling your lifestyle and your relationships.

In application, budgeting involves determining, on paper, what your monthly income and monthly expenses are, before the month begins. Once you have laid that information out, on paper, you can determine how best to use the money you have available to you each month. By following the budget, it's as easy as following a road map. So, follow your budget to financial independence!!!