Car Crash Safety Plan Work Zone, Las Vegas Nevada Personal Injury Reserch

Crash Safety Las Vegas

In work zones moving equipment and traffic create a danger, it is worse if there is a crash. Develop and use a traffic control plan for the work zone – provide traffic flow details and train crew members to stay clear of all motorized equipment.

Provide all crew members with high-visibility apparel and headwear that can be seen in daylight and at night, and that are suited to the conditions. Ensure that apparel is used by crew members so that they are conspicuous to motorists and equipment operators.

Signs – Protect recovery crews exposed to traffic by giving motorists plenty of advance warning of upcoming work zones. Post warning signs (e.g., REDUCED SPEED AHEAD, WORK ZONE AHEAD, ROAD CLOSED, EVACUATION ROUTE, FLAGGER AHEAD, MERGE AHEAD, etc.) along the roadway to warn drivers of the work in progress.

On urban streets, place the first warning sign ahead of the work zone at a distance (in feet) of 4 to 8 times the speed limit (in mph). The high end of the range should be used when speeds are relatively high. For example, at 35 mph the first warning sign should be 140 feet ahead of the work zone.

Traffic Control – Use positive protective barriers (e.g., concrete, sand-filled barriers), highway channeling devices, traffic cones, and flaggers to steer traffic away from work crews.

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